New Orleans not in the top ten?

Accoutrements of imbibing My old place on Carondelet in the Garden District
This top ten has got to be incorrect! I lived in New Orleans for years before I came to Beverly Hills. I managed to get a design degree and run two different businesses during that time. Being on time and reliant is truly not an asset in that place. It’s a way to go crazy if you have an efficient bone in your body.

All I know is people make entire careers of being drunk down there, and can’t imagine more alcohol is consumed anywhere else. I mean for real – the bars never close. Cocktails can cost a dollar all night if you drink the promo drink du jour and no one cared if you didn’t wake up until three in the afternoon. I lived in a really nice section of the city, and had two separate occasions where I had to step over my neighbor who was sleeping in the hall – she had a PhD and was a kindergarten teacher. She could not make it all the way to her own door. Thank God we had a secure building, so she was able to sleep peacefully.

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