New developments in the world of textiles…

I noticed here that Chella Textiles has launched a new design. It always gives me a little thrill when I see that this company has continued to thrive.

I first met Lee Menichella when I was an intern at Tricia Wilson and Associates, my first foray into hospitality design. He was one of my favorite vendor representatives, bringing us fabulous product any time we needed from the Oakmont showroom, which is now Cowtan and Tout, in addition to an untold number of textile companies from all over the world. Lee was one of the best reps EVER – he was always funny, nice, and got us the sampling we needed for our presentations.

I remember meeting with him in the first Alexandra Anderson Design Atelier, (aka my first tiny apartment on Robbins Drive here in Beverly Hills) to consult with him about what I’d like to see in outdoor fabrics. He had noticed that I knew the diff between my jacquards and my grospointes and so on, and knew I had a love for textiles. We had lots of fun talking about different projects and projecting the future, which became what is now Chella. Chella has brought the options of indoor textiles to the exterior, making design for outdoor spaces so much more creative. Yay for Lee!

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