India Hicks smooths feathers at Scandia Down with Island Life

Barrie darling and I recently attended a fabulous event at Scandia Home, Scandia Down’s luxe new flagship store on Beverly Drive. I swung by the Veranda hosted fete on my way to pick up the Critter from preschool, hoping to meet the lovely and talented India Hicks, the honoree, who was signing her gorgeous new book Island Life. I studied her father’s work as a student and avid stye follower, and was very excited to meet her in the flesh and see more of the beautiful island home she and her family have remodeled in the Bahamas.

I was thrilled to find that she was extremely friendly and lots of fun to talk to, especially since we both have babes born in 2007. I hope to run across her again soon so we can have a longer visit!
*A very special thanks to Lauren from JL Photographers for allowing to share her photo album of the event. Just click the big photo at the top of the post for the slide show!

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    Luv luv luv the short black nails! Thanks for a great example of edgy, preppie style, India xoxo

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