HUGE Announcement! My Four Legged Baby Debuts at Woofstock 90210!

UPDATE: Woofstock 90210 will now take place Sunday June 26th from 11:00 AM until 3:00 PM

Louis XIV of Beverly Hills in Rococo

I have big news! I finished a project that I started a loooong time ago, and am so happy to share my excitement with y’all.

I studied art for both of my degrees, and have steadily practiced painting for my own enjoyment and occasionally for design clients and friends’ collections, but I always painted really large canvasses – pieces that would take months to finish and that required leaving poisonous and stabby accoutrements strewn about that just weren’t baby friendly. In the spirit of keeping my artist’s flame burning during The Critter’s naptimes, I decided that I would paint an homage to my first beloved four legged baby Louis XIV that would tell our story. Now that the baby with two legs has gotten bigger and I can take my eyes off him for a while, I have finally found enough time to complete the picture book about Louis XIV that I have written and illustrated.

I have a really nice dummy book and am beginning to look for a great representative to share the love of Lou with the world. The development has been some of the most joyful work I’ve ever done, and incorporates all my favorite parts of the disciplines I know best – writing, painting, design, and now retailing. I plan to continue to grow the Louis collection with new friends and cool adventures from now on.

While my picture book is (hopefully) finding its way to a fine publisher’s desk, I want to share some of the fun fine art that this project has produced. I am THRILLED to announce that the big reveal for this collection on Sunday, March 6 here in Beverly Hills at Woofstock 90210! I will be there with some of my OG’s here in the ‘hood who will share framed prints from pages of the book and the “Neoclassical Lou” drawings on paper, greeting cards, giclees, and fabulous silk scarves. It will be a fun Beverly Hills style festival, complete with the most pampered pooches in the world. It’s the perfect match for Louis’ debut.

Louis now has a website, and after the Woofstock debut will launch a store – I will keep y’all posted with the details. In the meantime, come on out to see me on March 6th at Roxbury Park!
Join Louis XIV of Beverly Hills and BeverlyHillsMom at Woofstock 90210 2016!

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