You Are Invited…

…to see what I’ve really been doing lately. I’ve been working very hard developing a new series of original mixed media artwork, and for the first time ever, I am placing them in the market! These pieces are the outcome of over twenty years of practice. I’m hoping I got it right and you’ll love them. I’m already working on more!

New Orleans art consultant Randy Lewis Jackson has very kindly come on board as my broker, so PLEASE reach out to Randy by clicking “message” on my portfolio. He comes with a terrific reputation for putting collectors together with artists and is beloved by all. You will want to be his best friend, except you can’t have him; he’s MINE!

Please visit Alexandra90210, my newly minted website, where you can learn all the ways I make art. Do you have an idea for a collaboration? Special textile, Public mural? Licensed products? Call/write Randy. Tell him I sent you. In the meantime, Enjoy the new site and more work from the art launch, and stay tuned for new work and shows.

2 Responses to “You Are Invited…”

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