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Dinosaur Train Big City Premiere

Published on September 26, 2011

Tweet Great news for moms like me who love PBS Kids. The Critter and I recently attended the world premiere of Dinosaur Big City, the movie special kicking off the second season of DINOSAUR TRAIN. The show is one of The Critter’s favorites – it was actually the first show on television that he watched. […]

Being BeverlyHillsMom means…

Published on July 18, 2011

Tweet …that sometimes I get to meet the most amazing people. Fellow Los Angeles mommy Jamie sent me an email recently introducing herself, and I’m SO glad she did. If she hadn’t, I never would have seen this amazing video that told me a story of what’s she’s been up to the last few years. […]

Paul Frank Academy of Awesome = Awesome!!

Published on July 9, 2011

Tweet Huge props to the folks at Paul Frank for having us at the launch of their Academy of Awesome Tour at the Pacific Design Center, my home away from home for many years. The event was the first of many parties Paul Frank is hosting across the USA this summer – mission: conspiracy of […]

Announcing – Three new ways for me to overshare!

Published on June 13, 2011

Tweet I am so honored to be asked to contribute to two new sites for women and moms! You may have noticed on Twitter that I wrote posts for GalTime and MomsLA over the weekend, covering Kidstock and L’Enfant Terrible’s Fun Festival of Tragedy. I am really excited to be able to share more of […]

A Jolly Good Congrats to the Royal Couple

Published on April 29, 2011

Tweet Your browser does not support the video tag I was feeling very sentimental about Wills getting married. I remember when his mom and dad married and how it was the biggest thing ever. How Diana’s dress and all the trimmings of the wedding started a trend of brides aspiring to the same gentrified standards […]

Reality, Rabbits, Royalty, and Rolls Royces – So much fun to have; so little time!

Published on April 28, 2011

Tweet I have decided that from now on I will take a mulligan on January and February of every year because the whole family including the dog gets sick, then March kicks off a craaaazy schedule for all of us until Memorial Day. Late April through May brings – Easter, the Perfect husband’s birthday, the […]

Staycation at Montage Beverly Hills

Published on March 17, 2011

Tweet This morning on the way to preschool the Critter says to me “Mom, I wanna see Stacy at Montwage at the hotel”. I thought, “I do too, sweetheart”. I don’t know what to tell him, because every weekend is not a Montage Beverly Hills weekend. We are now completely spoiled by the pampering we […]

Building a community with Yvette Nicole Brown

Published on January 3, 2011

Tweet Although I have a monster photo montage to show you of our final month of 2010, I MUST tell you about the afternoon I spent at Paramount Studios with a bunch of mombloggers and the cast of Community. Although I had practically just gotten off the plane from my two week visit to my […]

Disney made me cheerful WAY before I wanted to be…

Published on December 9, 2010

Tweet The folks at Disney really know how to get us going. They created a wonderful event to introduce us mom types to the offerings of Disney and for the holiday season by taking over The Victorian in Santa Monica – the place was so Christmassy I have been humming Christmas music ever since! […]

All that glitters…

Published on December 1, 2010

Tweet I got absorbed in unpacking and sorting through souvenirs from our trip this morning and had the revelatory moment one has when one realizes their three year old has been waaaaay too quiet. This was found to be very true, as causing my floors and furniture to sparkle like Emerald City takes some concentration. […]