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Art and Politics in the the Hood

Published on March 1, 2009

Tweet I usually leave politics out of my blog. I keep up with local politics fairly well, have served on committees for the City of Beverly Hills, and have endorsed candidates from time to time, but consider this to be my own personal business. I am much more art than politics. Worlds collided with the […]

Wonder what this would go for at Christies?

Published on September 30, 2008

Tweet I created this work of art with the Jackson Pollock tool – a great way to get your clicks!

Random Summer fun not yet posted…

Published on September 3, 2008

Tweet I take photos all the time and just can’t blog every one of them. So above you have in no particular order photos from the summer. Mouse over the pics for the captions…Enjoy!

Artist / Mom?

Published on April 18, 2008

Tweet When I was expecting the Critter, I was haunted by the voice of Louise Nevelson in a documentary I saw in design school. I can’t quote her, but she was talking about having children when you’re “on this search” for art and that it’s unkind to put children in in the position of coping […]

Wandering the Desert for four days

Published on March 10, 2008

Tweet My in-laws vacation in Palm Springs every year to get away from the beautiful but cold Seattle winter. We took a quick drive out and took in the scenery, a little art, and enjoyed having the grandparents around. Their timeshare was a patio home with a side yard, so I took the opportunity to […]