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OMG Rachel Zoe is dying…

Published on February 3, 2009

Tweet …if she knows about the article today in the New York Times. Apparently folks (like me) are only watching the pre-Oscar red carpet so that they can see who is wearing what, and then checking out to whatever else is on that night. The Times says that the presenters for the Oscars will be […]

Drumroll…hope you like this color…

Published on January 20, 2009

Tweet …because you’ll be seeing it everywhere. Once color marketing and trend forecasters like Pantone and Color Marketing Group announce their predictions for popular color, manufacturers listen. Companies like the Gap and just about any retail manufacturer prepare their interpretations fashionable color the minute these reports are available and cater everything in their lines to […]

Weekend in the hood

Published on September 23, 2008

Tweet Bah, Critter had the croup for the third time last week, so my posts were few. We did manage to attend two noteworthy events on Sunday. My very fabulous designer friend Carlos Alberto of The Skyline Studios was chosen to create a model unit at EVO South. The much-anticipated LEED certified highrise community opened […]

Random Summer fun not yet posted…

Published on September 3, 2008

Tweet I take photos all the time and just can’t blog every one of them. So above you have in no particular order photos from the summer. Mouse over the pics for the captions…Enjoy!

Can you hear it?

Published on August 22, 2008

Tweet It’s the knell of couture dying…