Presidents’ Day in the hood

Dennis Farina at Palisades Park in Santa Monica 021808
So I woke up yesterday morning and forgot that it was a National Holiday! Seeing as how the mood in the Atelier is lazy today, we opted to continue the mood and mosey over to Santa Monica to stroll in Palisades Park and then grab an early dinner. I always love to go to the beach – it always reminds me that I grew up on the water and need to be near it.

We cruised back to Beverly Hills and had dinner at Roni’s, our favorite neighborhood diner. I’ve been ordered delivery from Roni and his son David since I moved to Beverly Hills in 1999, and they’ve expanded and have a very friendly place – everyone there is so familiar with David that we all tend to shout whatever we need across the dining room. Just as we were leaving Dennis Farina of Law and Order fame and multiple tough guy roles came in. I’ve always liked him and to this day I laugh about his line in the movie “Snatch” – when his character was travelling back and forth from New York to London and he was asked if he had anything to declare. He says “Yeah – don’t go to London”

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