Arleen and the Cheetah

For about a year after I made my permanent move to Los Angeles, I was always stopping people and asking them if they were from New Orleans – or Mississippi. After plenty of “no’s” and way too many – “but don’t I know you?” conversations, it finally dawned on me that all these people are on TV! I don’t know them, I just saw them in the media and somehow thought that if I recognized them, they must be from my hometown.

Arleen Grace, were she not my neighbor, could have been one of these people. Arleen is a writer and producer and actress. She does lots of commercials and TV gigs like playing Martha Stewart any time they need a Martha Stewart on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and she also has a recurring role on the The Bold and The Beautiful. You know her but you don’t know her.

This is her latest commercial – Arleen is the flight attendant. She said that she had to flirt with and make coochie coo with the Cheetah for fourteen hours to get this Cheetos Ad

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