“So I’m going to write and illustrate a children’s book, and it will be released by Easter” – Me, circa October 2007

031108-5.jpg 031108-4.jpg 031108-3.jpg

Easter 2009, I meant to say…

It really IS coming along nicely, but just like any design project, it has to be researched for content, feasibility, style – fact and fiction have to do their part and get together before I’m able to do the fun part, which is – doing the actual painting. I will also tell you that the two main characters in this book, Louis xiv of Beverly Hills, and Chef, his Mississippi cousin, have been painted and they are really cute. I’ll be able to show more of this later, but I thought I’d share these cool color studies my husband photographed in the Atelier, and Louis xiv approving an intial sketch of his first adventure.

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