Easter Redux


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It was not really fair to get so excited about Easter and then not spill the beans about what happened around here. All the cards with the critter’s adorable photo went in the mail, the Grandmother arrived from Mississippi without unpleasant travel events, bringing along “her baby’s” handpainted Easter basket and bunny. My bunny cookies were baked and all the goodies for the Husband, the Grandmother and the critter were collected in time to just relax and lie around watching the critter. Design Nomad dropped in, bringing in not only an adorable chenille basket and bunny, but also her customary (and much enjoyed) gift of macaroons from Boule’ AND macaroons from Paullette. We were in a confectionery euphoria!

Easter eating was brunch with “sugar bacon“, eggs and biscuits. Sugar bacon is one of those things people love to eat while talking about how disgusting it is and how it will kill you. It’s divine. We strolled in the perfect weather to Roxbury Park and the critter tried the swing for the very first time. I baked potatoes and grilled filets for dinner. It was a serene sensory weekend – good food, memories, beauty, peace and love.

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