Attention ECatherineGrey and City Mommies:


THIS is a glamour shot.

Circa 1989. I got them for my gay friends for Valentine’s Day.

7 Responses to “Attention ECatherineGrey and City Mommies:”

  1. shemaine Says:

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    Oh My Gosh that is SO GLAM Girl!!!

  2. Nancy Says:

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    Oh Lord…I need the name and number of your make-up artist!!!

  3. Ariste Says:

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    …and the gloves leave such an elegant impression!

  4. Brenda Says:

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    GORGIOUS! Darlin’!

  5. Shea Says:

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    You win…that is the most glamourous picture I have ever seen. Ever.

  6. Kerry Says:

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    Wow! Very glamourous!!!

  7. Ashaa Siewkumar Says:

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