Bocce and Benjamins in Beverly Hills…



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On Tuesday the Critter and I strolled to Roxbury Park and then to lunch with The Chef. On the way, we saw these cars being washed. I’m sure The Husband will want me to say what type of cars they are, and I will as soon as he gets home, but aren’t they tres fabulous? After the Critter did the requisite lolling, creeping and crawling, and we were on the way to lunch we stopped as the bocce greensman was putting away the “smoother” that they use for the bocce ball tournaments that are played at the Park. You will see The Chef above trying out the smoother.

Today I was waiting in line for a restroom at Jack and Jill’s, and I saw my friend Paula from yoga. I told her I had decided to go back to class when the Critter hits preschool – right now, it takes too much time that I could be blogging and eating chocolate and teaching the Critter about Aretha Franklin. Paula is just about the nicest person you will ever meet, and I always get a little thrill because I’m talking to Tuggle from Where the Boys Are. Today was an extra special treat – Paula stopped me on the way out and introduced me to her husband Richard Benjamin! Wow! Some of the funniest movies on earth have starred and/or were directed by Richard Benjamin, like Portnoy’s Complaint, The Money Pit,and My Favorite Year. Add to that, their two gorgeous and equally friendly son Ross and daughter Prentiss were just terrific with the Critter. Sorry no photos y’all – I just couldn’t ask!

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