HOT in the hood…


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I know we all are incredibly spoiled by the weather, yet the last few years there have been some unusually high temperatures for a spate of time here and there. My dear Husband goes around like a big bear with a thorn in his paw during these seasons, as we forget too soon once the pleasant temperatures resume that we really must do something about the air conditioning. His birthday was last weekend and I thought a little respite from the heat could be found in Marina del Rey. The Grandmother insisted that she treat us to dinner, so why not brunch? Sometimes it can be ten degrees cooler on the water – it’s amazing what a difference a twenty minute drive can make.

I figured that the Ritz Carlton could provide a nice brunch for the occasion. They have an immense, very artfully arranged champagne brunch on sundays in their fine dining restaurant by the name of Jer-ne (pronounced “journey” – I know, huh?). The food was voluminous – they had everything you would ever dream of eating from a buffet. Some glamourous choices were that a sushi bar, a caviar bar and a custom eggs benedict station. I got a little dizzy from the quantity of choices, frankly. My favorite things I sampled? The bacon, the boiled shrimp, and the chocolate pralines. Some things are just fine wherever you get them.

The Critter fell in love with a beautiful Russian five year old. She was mesmerized by him as well. They held hands and patted one another for a good thirty minutes before her father came to have a talk with us about Critter’s intentions. It was all very pleasant and we eventually explained that Critter hadn’t yet decided on preschool, so he wasn’t yet ready to date. The Husband must’ve been pleased, as he cooled down enough to smile again – he even had a cup of hot coffee with his dessert.

After nosing around the hotel for a bit which included but was not limited to having a look at a nice limited edition of drawings by Picasso rendered as woodblock engravings by Georges Aubert. In addition to viewing of the collection throughout the first floor of the hotel, The folio and wood tools used in the works were exhibited. After absorbing every last design aspect that we wished, we took a leisurely stroll down the Marina Promenade.

We then did hour long Sunday drive and picked our favorite (and least favorite) houses in Beverly Hills before getting home just as the sun went down and the weather became civilized again.

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