The Critter is one year old TODAY!


050508-2.jpg 050108-3.jpg 050108-4.jpg

I was steadfast in my resolve not to have an out of control event with dogs, ponies and magicians – I figured that I’ll wait for that when he can actually remember it. We did however have a wonderful birthday picnic with all the Mommies and babies (who were also turning one within the month) from baby class. It was beautiful weather in Holmby Park, and a lovely time was had by all.

We also had a little birthday get together with the Critter’s grown up friends yesterday – complete with every combination of vanilla and chocolate cake with their respective frostings. It was quite festive and the Grandmother came from Mississippi.

Hard to believe that he would be one hour old this time last year. Also hard to believe that if I don’t register him for nursery school this week he might not get in – in two years!

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