Critter’s first trip to the zoo…


Critter and Miss Strawberry discover what Mommy and Daddy really mean when they say “you little monkey!”

This was my first trip to the L A Zoo, too. And you know how hard it is for me get excited about going anywhere out of Los Angeles proper. While it was fun to finally check it out, and get together with some friends, it was also mercilessly hot. The Husband is always so miserable during the hot days and I spent most of the time figuring out where to put our lilly white selves so we’d be in the shade. It’s a nice zoo, but it was way too hot.

We had a very pleasant early dinner at a place called Patrick’s Cafe in Glendale, which was a very chic place with fresh healthy diner food, high chairs for the kidlets, and really great entertainment. I was stunned that such a terrific singer was gracing such an unassuming place – but he was. I was told that his name was Miquel Vera – he apparently is a big star in the Phillipines, and he will have a new show coming out in the fall. Imagine having that caliber performer at a cute diner!

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