Happy Hour! It all started when…

See pink elephants! Come for Happy Hour at our house!

Jumbo Lump crabmeat from the Bayou Batry of Louisiana, post Fedex; pre…dip

crabmeat post-dip; The Grandmother’s special recipe City Mommies together! double love - Leila and Pany are in my Baby Class AND CityMommies! Marguerite thinks it is WAY too loud in here! laughing it up in the lounge convivial congregants on the porch Louis xiv wuvs Laura Cindy and Allan Bloemsma

…it occurred to the perfect Husband and I that we haven’t yet had a party in our home that was a grown up cocktail party since the Critter was born. As if by spontaneous combustion, Calibamanancy* of CityMommy, having offered to host a get together at her home for visiting CityMommies, had a flood, water damage, and mold. Her house went under construction immediately. I said to the Husband, “Honey let’s have a party now! what better reason than to have all the mommies (and a few of our usual crew) for cocktails?” ECatherinegrey* came from Alabama, Marilynn* came from New Zealand, and they all arrived, all the CityMommies, minus any ruffled feathers over political arguments, grateful over help with kid stuff, curious to meet those we haven’t yet met in person. Although I’ve met most of the CityMommies, there still were a few I didn’t know, and meeting them reminded me of internet dating, before I met the aforementioned perfect Husband. Like the husband, I was thrilled with the result, everyone was prettier and even cooler than I had hoped!

Who says you can’t get anything good off the internet?

The party was to be held from 4:00 pm until 6:00 pm, our last guest left at 10:30 pm. Just the way I like it!

*CityMommy screen id names

5 Responses to “Happy Hour! It all started when…”

  1. Laura Says:

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    Hi Alex,

    munch here. The party was lovely and the food delish. Thanks so much for having us all 🙂

  2. Shane Jackson Says:

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    Great Presentational Blog Alex..and wonderful Pics. You and your DH threw one hellofa shin-dig child…Loved it, appreciated it and will be back but for now…well let’s just say I’m resting up in Bama and “Waiting on The Crimson Tide to Kick Kentucky’s Tail”….SEC Lives!!

  3. suziepeace Says:

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    Hi Alexandra 🙂 so sorry I had to miss it! I’m still under the weather but on the mend. I heard it was so wonderful and fun and it was really nice of you to host such a terrific party.:-) I hope you have another some day and I promise I’ll stock up on Vitamin C and echinacea a week prior xxoo

  4. Shemaine Says:

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    Alexandra you are a gracious and elegant hostess. We all had an amazing time! You are so sweet to open up your home to all us mommies, can’t wait til the next one!!!

  5. jennifer Says:

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    Mamasan reporting in! Thank you for such a wonderful party… you really went all out! I feel honored that you opened your beautiful home to us all. I truly enjoyed myself. 🙂