More chocolate to love in the hood

It’s a boutique! It’s a chocolate factory!

les bonbons at Madame Chocolat

I remember seeing the opening of this shop in the Beverly Hills Courier. I thought – that woman thinks about chocolate the same way I think about design! I never walk down Canon Drive between Dayton and Wilshire – it’s not on my usual route, but The Critter and I happened to be in that area. I had walked quite a few blocks in the HOT HOT sun that day, I let out an audible “ooohhh – what’s in here?” when I came upon this factory / boutique. I delightedly swung the BOB into the bell festooned door. Fancily decorated with an indulgently large French chandelier smack in the middle of the place, Madame Chocolat is definitely for those who like their chocolate served up with a little glamour. As she served me a caramel bonbon on a tiny silver tray, Chocolatier Hasty Torres’ Mom informed me of the quality and unique character of each candy. After one bite, I chose a few more, and now Madam Chocolat is one of my addictions. I may even have a birthday party there for my addict friends!

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