Random Summer fun not yet posted…

Critter and Louis xiv triking down Spalding

Pinks at Greystone Balustrade finial at Greystone Safety first - SWAT hunks at Greystone Entry to the Greystone Family Festival

Jammin at the Greystone Family Festival

Crystal Steering wheel - Haute Wheels on Rodeo Vintage E type Jag at Haute Wheels on Rodeo Classic Car - Haute Wheels on Rodeo Classic Car - Haute Wheels on Rodeo Vintage VW Van with all the accoutrements - Haute Wheels on Rodeo Burberry interior - Haute Wheels on Rodeo Reptile clutch from Ferragamo Fabulous Fall gowns at Neiman’s Clever curb installation - Century Park East Innovative use of recycled materials - Century Park East Abbie’s Dad holds Dannette’s shower gift - he’s adopted a Cuban havanese puppy - this should help! Hostess of Abbie Ferguson’s puppy shower Critter tries out his new backpack petting zoo at Sophie’s birthday Lucky Fish on Canon - exterior Lucky Fish on Canon - interior May 7th City Council Meeting Nancy Krasne in red of course Sunday afternoon at Gendarmerie most intense lemon macaroon ever at Lemonade Debra Stevenson, trend agitator of The Skyline Studios at Lemonade jacarandas on Elevado cool neo modern house on Linden Shady palms on Charleville summer roses on McCarty more fabulous fall at Fendi Fabulous crocodile bag at Feragamo construction facade at Dior Fall bags at Fendi

I take photos all the time and just can’t blog every one of them. So above you have in no particular order photos from the summer. Mouse over the pics for the captions…Enjoy!

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  1. Shemaine Says:

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    Love the Hostess of the puppy shower!

  2. Rethe Says:

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