The new Luau Restaurant in Beverly Hills

Facade of the new Luau - iron bamboo on front with thatch roof

New Luau interior under construction

Th old Luau interior

You don’t come to me for the hottest and newest – I know, I’m more about nostalgia and culture personality than TMZ. But this post has a bit of both. I stroll the Critter all over the Beverly Hills triangle about three times a week to do errands. One of the very first posts of this blog mentioned Colours Restaurant, that was open for a brief time on Bedford. It has closed and is due to reopen shortly as the Luau Restaurant in its place. I have taken a couple of photos as it looks when I stroll past it. Apparently the owner is Andy Hewitt, the chef will be Chef Mako and Loree Rodkin is doing the interiors. Adding to the appeal is the inspiration – the original Luau Restaurant which was on Rodeo. Note the difference in the style in the photo I found at critiki. I predict it will be a huge hit – I appears that Rodkin is using a more refined urban nod to the old Tiki style. I’ll try to sneak a few more photos this week!

5 Responses to “The new Luau Restaurant in Beverly Hills”

  1. Shemaine Says:

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    Ok since I love Hawaii sooo much I would so LOVE to hang out here for drinks!!!

  2. design nomad Says:

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    Oooh, this sounds like it’s going to be a great addition to the restaurant selections in our hood. Urban Tiki style, can’t wait!!

  3. Bamboo Ben Says:

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    Glad to see you have posted about the new Luau.

    More to come.

    Will be good.


    Bamboo Ben

  4. Jinny Says:

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    Thank you! I would now go on this blog every day!


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