Got antiques? Good news!

91″ high Monumental Gold Leaf Mirror from M S Rau Antiques

Bill Rau, president of my beloved M S Rau Antiques in New Orleans says that historically antiques perform well as investments in troubled times. Rau should know – his family has had their shop in the French Quarter for nearly a century. I have visited their beautiful space on Royal Street more times that I can count, as a small child and as an interior design professional, and still I am always awed and inspired by the unusual and authentic pieces they aquire for their clients.

Maybe we should all cash out our stocks and buy this. And this. And this! And this and this and this, and ship it all to the atelier!

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One Response to “Got antiques? Good news!”

  1. Glizzy Says:

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    What a perfect time to start investing in fabulous pieces guaranteed to hold their value or appreciate. Antiques are the only things that I KNOW will go up in value in any economy! thanks for the heads up about the shop in New Orleans.