Hurrahs and Boos!

Cover of Mr and Mrs Victor’s announcement

Devil Dogs at the Haute Dog Howloween Parade 2007

With RMC at Galatoire’s wearing THE HAT 2004 Bo Peep and her sheep 2004 As Indian Maiden with guru Louis xiv at Peligro Gallery in New Orleans 2004 Guru Louis xiv at Peligro 2004 Trudi and Victor at Dan Tana’s Halloween 2007 The Vampire family at Dan Tana’s Halloween 2007

I am SO happy today! Two good reasons – it’s almost Halloween, so I can wear this hat while strolling the Critter and dress him a sweatshirt that makes him look like a pumpkin. I get really crazy with costumes and no one is safe once I decide what WE’re going to be, as is evidenced by the photos above. Which by the way brings up the other reason that I am so happy today – my friends Victor and Trudi share that same spirit and sense of fun. Trudi has a collection of Goofy memorabilia that will truly blow your mind and a giant human size Goofy takes up residence on her sofa. It has become a nifty test for newcomers to her parties how people interact with Goofy. If one just tosses him aside and doesn’t give at least a simple “hello” to him then probably that guest isn’t so much fun. Victor is a merry Englishman she met via the internet (just like myself and my hubby) and had a long distance relationship until they could stand it no more and they have since never left one another’s side. We have shared many laughs and memorable moments with them and are DELIGHTED that they got MARRIED!! In Florence, Italy! Last week!

Congratulations my goofy friends xoxo

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  1. Michael Says:

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    Ah yes, “the hat!” That was the coolest hat at Galatoire’s that day – sorta Samantha Stevens with a little Endora glam thrown in. As I recall, that lunch began at 11:30 a.m. and began to dissolve around 5:00 p.m., and the waiter was drunker than anyone at our table! I’ll be back at Galatoire’s this Friday, the 31st – can I borrow the hat? Happy Halloween!