Mamma Glamma

Chic Mompreneur Nina Sutton

L’Oreal Paris Studio at the Beverly Center was the place for the book launch of Mompreneur Nina Sutton last Friday evening. The Chic Mom’s Guide to Feeling Fabulous is Sutton’s “actionable” advice on how to feel chic after everything has changed. Reading through the book and clicking around her site gives one the idea that she would like to help ALL Moms feel a bit more beautiful, as we are faced with the realities of birth and raising children, while we see celebrities bouncing back from these life changing events effortlessly. Leading up to the book, was her web site, Deals for Divas, as Nina has years of experience with health and beauty product advice and marketing, and has been featured on many national talk shows and ad campaigns. She knows that we all need to save, but without sacrificing our love for health and beauty. She was a tiny bombshell, dressed in a diva pink silk wrap dress, all perfect hair and nails, and as sweet and friendly as could be.

The place was packed with some very milf-y moms, drinking champagne and waiting their turn for mini makeovers by the experts of the L’oreal Studio. I’ve always thought L’oreal makes great product, and creating their Studios showroom is genius, because you can get an inexpensive, yet fashion forward product, applied by trained professionals. The most unique feature of these studios is that they can replicate any lighting condition to reflect how the makeup will appear, including some area nightclubs! How awesome to get a Project Runway – quality makeover at a drugstore price.

And the Deal Diva agrees.

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