I’m going completely ornaMENTAL~

I know, I know – you thought that the Aesthetic Addict has jumped the shark and is only interested in base amusements like the Real Housewives – but no, dear reader. I spent the better part of Veteran’s Day at The Getty, my favorite museum in Los Angeles. The Getty is one of the enormous perks of living here – just ten minutes in the car to the tram that goes up the hill!

I have now visited The Getty ample times that I am becoming familiar with their collection. I am starting to hone in on more details of my favorite pieces, which are – surprise – in the furniture collection! Tuesday I became obsessed with ornament, and made my own little collection of photos of some of my favorites.

We greatly also greatly enjoyed the garden and the exhibit “Please be Seated” – a multimedia installation that allows you to “sit” in a period chair in a period room! Sigh – now all I need is a powdered wig and a bunch of servants.

P.S. – You may have noticed a new section to the right of my posts called “Alexandra out and about” – this is the place you can click to see more photos of our trip to the Getty…

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