Weekend in the ‘Hood…

Racism playbill

…was mostly NOT in the hood.

You know I hate the freeway. My Perfect Husband always jokes that I practically will drive through people’s backyards to shortcut. I realize that millions of people hop on the freeway many times a day and think nothing of it, but for me it’s a Voyage, requiring much anticipation and strategy, figuring naps, appropriate dress, and leave time, none of which worked in the end. Nonetheless we made our way to Jungleland. The Critter was delighted to run and run all over the carpet, hoard plastic balls and play house with birthday girl Hannah Ann, two year old of City Mommy Roxanne, and one of the two sassiest dressers in the Greater Los Angeles area. After much fun and cake, we took the voyage back to Beverly Hills to meet the very fabulous Debra for tea in the Atelier. After catching one another up on life and love, she and her fabulous mary janes moved on to her next appointment just as my Perfect Husband arrived from his overnight to Mammoth.

As we drove to Culver City to see “I’m Not a Racist, but…” at the Actors’ Gang for the Sunday matinee, gal pal and lover of Louis xiv Laura and I talked about how we never go to Culver City because we don’t “get” it. I think we didn’t realize the provocative and the pleasant that awaited us. “Racist” was a very pretty compelling – it was a workshop piece about racism, meaning the actors were cast and enacted scenes from one another’s experiences with racism. Lots of things that never would have occurred to me, and it’s pretty clear that all of the actors have deep resentments towards white people and Christians, even the ones who are white people and Christians. Made me think about a lot of things. I had a long talk with my friend about the show and he said that it’s going to constantly going to be changing from comments, so it also is interesting to know their process and how it came together.

You know the thing they say about “walking a mile in someone’s shoes”…

After the play we mosied on down to the Helms Bakery and did a quick stroll through H. D. Buttercup. I am impressed with how much better it looks and how much great looking stuff they have. I mostly do custom upholstery for my clients, but if I had to do something fast and off the floor, I’ll go there again. After a couple of trips around the maze and a brief dilemma over the purchase of a mirrored bed for Laura’s bedroom, we took the few steps south of the showroom into Father’s Office. I was amazed at the sexy incarnation of the original “office” in Santa Monica, and the food was sublime – noshing on some of the “small” menu items made me vow to return with my Perfect Husband for a casual date night to try the “big” items. Father’s Office has everything we would want – high style, great food, all kinds of beer and interesting beverages, sports on tv, and sexy lighting.

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