Art and Politics in the the Hood

Constituents gather to meet John Mirisch at Sundaram Tagore Gallery

Judith Murray's Magnetic South, 2006, Oil on canvas,

I usually leave politics out of my blog. I keep up with local politics fairly well, have served on committees for the City of Beverly Hills, and have endorsed candidates from time to time, but consider this to be my own personal business. I am much more art than politics.

Worlds collided with the event of the John Mirisch campaign mixer at the Sundaram Tagore Gallery. My perfect Husband and I put the Critter on his tricycle and walked on over to see art and politics mix. We like Mirisch for the City Council a lot – he has the same ideals in mind for our city that we have – first class, but with a village atmosphere, good schools, for development and against overdevelopment. We still have to choose two more candidates, so wish us luck. Mirisch has come up against some very dirty pool in the politics game here, so I’m hoping that my neighbors haven’t been fooled by the tactics of the cheaters.

Part two of the little sojourn was that I got to see work of Judith Murray – her “Continuum” show premiered at Sundaram Tagore on February 21st. It is not hard to see why Ms Murray has been the recipient of many awards and shows, including a Guggenheim Fellowship and the Academy of Arts and Letters. The paintings are fairly large and extremely painterly, with generous flat brush strokes, creating an abstract impression. Her color palette is sumptuous and brings the viewer into her world – my thought was that the strokes lead one into another place beyond the canvas.

Maybe we’ll stroll back over to Sundaram Tagore for more Judith Murray after we visit the polls.

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