Meeting Mr. Chow

Celebrity Encounters today in the hood:

While I was trying to take a photo of the jewels in the window at Martin Katz to send to the Out and About Section, I looked up as a very attractive Chinese woman was succumbing the the killer charm of The Critter, who was not too patiently waiting for his tricycle to “go”. They flirted across the sidewalk for a bit, and then she called to her companion to step out onto the sidewalk to witness the flirt that is my child. Turns out it was Mr. Chow, who I recognized immediately due to his signature eyeglasses. He was quite charming himself, and he wanted to know where The Critter found his hat. I told him Old Navy, which seemed to mean nothing to him. We all bid a cheery good day, and as I turned back to take the photo of the jewelry, a very attractive security guard told me “no pictures, please”. Oh well.

Then I turned back again to push the trike along, I see John Ventimiglia, best known as Artie Bucco from The Sopranos.

Both of these men were much hotter in person, go figure…

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