Thank goodness for the very rich…

An image from Lauren Greenfield's KIDS + MONEY

I got a postcard in the mail this week that made me think about so many wonderful things in Los Angeles that get taken for granted. It seems to me the au courant attitude toward the very rich has been outwardly hostile. In my work I sometimes hear negative comments like “must be nice” to have an enormous home in the Hills and other homes dotting the world’s hot spots with lots of staff and priceless antiques and windows draped by $500 per yard fabrics. Well, yes, it is, but don’t realize forget that a luxury lifestyle takes a LOT of work and skill management, help and that many people benefit from their living it.

But I totally digress – what I need to tell you is that the postcard announced to me that “The Lens Cap Comes Off” of The Annenberg Space for Photography on March 27th. A quick trip to the website proves that the Annenbergs have bestowed yet another amazing gift upon the public, and I for one am so glad that they are able to do so!

The new space opens March 27th, and admission is free. The Critter and I will be frequent visitors, as we tricycle frequently in that ‘hood too.

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