Incase anyone forgot WHY he’s the King of Pop…

We want you back Baybah!

5 Responses to “Incase anyone forgot WHY he’s the King of Pop…”

  1. Buzzworthy Says:

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    Absolutely breathtaking and exactly why we’ll miss MJ forever. I will always groove to his beat!

  2. Shemaine Smith Says:

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    I watched the tribute last night here in Arkansas and I still can’t believe it. I was hoping his tour woould bring him back some peace in his life. It saddens me deeply that some want to remember his personal tragedy’s instead of his style as an entertainer and most of all his music. Michael was an incredibly generous man, he brought joy to so many sick children. As a teen my best friend and I learned and performed his moves in Thriller in her dance room a zillion times. One of the best memories I have as a teen was seeing the “Thriller” video for the 1st time. I will greatly miss MJ’s talent.

  3. Boomessays Says:

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    I miss him too! Been playing all his works in circle recently. Why everything good has to come to end?

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