Celebrating the Architecture in Commerce

Winner of The Beverly Hills Architectural Design Awards

Abbey Hood of Beverly Hills Design and Life reports:

“Shoppers on Rodeo Drive are usually preoccupied with the Chanel purse they eye in the elegant window as they wind their way down one of the world’s premier shopping Streets. What’s ALmost always overlooked is one of the Beverly Hills’ greatest treasures — Anderton Court designed by famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

While Beverly Hills may be the formost destination for retail, it is also a mecca for architects to show-off some of their greatest innovations, including Wright’s.

“The Beverly Hills Architectural Design Awards are presented to designers and architects for completed building renovations or new projects reviewed by the Architectural Commission,” said Donna Jerex, Beverly Hills Senior Planner.

Annually, the seven members of the Architectural Commission recognize outstanding examples of commercial design.

Since 1972, Beverly Hills has honored 100 notable new, remodeled and restored buildings, including Chanel, Fendi, Coach and Harry Winston.”

As a lover of all practices of art and design, it’s no wonder I love living here! For more on each building, click here.

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