Getting our rhythm for fall

Greetings everyone, and a Happy Labor Day to you all. It’s been a hot, smoky, stressful couple of weeks here in the City of Angels. Fires are now 50% contained, it doesn’t smell like a barbecue out side, and we’re now in the last part of escrow for our soon to be fabulous new home! Of course I can’t tell you exactly where, but I’ll still be in the hood!

I have feverishly been drawing new plans for the space, checking out the latest and most efficient appliances, and looking forward to living in the most modern space I’ve ever designed. This will be a huge departure for what I usually do for my clients, which is usually very traditional.

I am very superstitious about some things, so I won’t share photos of the place until it’s officially ours, but I intend to drag you through every last bit of minutiae of what it’s like to be a mom of a two year old managing the project along with all the other design stuff I do and manage to stay as happily married to my perfect Husband as I am now.

In the meantime, please enjoy another terrific flash mob attack in Hollywood. My very talented filmmaker / actor friend Rebecca Roberts is part of the mob – check her out all in black, to the right of the lead dancer. She has a short pony tail and great arms. I keep hoping to get caught in a mob!

sorry for the wide video, but the HD version is so much better 😉

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