Kicking it Old School with Louis XIV

Before there was my Perfect Husband, before the Critter, there was just me and Louis XIV. Louis found me while I was racing through the Beverly Center on Saturday afternoon, looking for a dress to wear to a book signing I was hosting at my Atelier. It was no time for me to get a dog, I was ridiculously busy working and living la vida loca, but he picked me and that was that. I came home with no dress but a wall eyed Boston Terrier – he was the baby I never had – in fact, potty training Louis and keeping him from chewing my furniture was great training for me to be a mom of a two legged Critter. I feel bad for my old LouLou sometimes. He used to have all my attention and we would walk and run all over the neighborhood, exploring everything we could about Beverly Hills. We would start off just to get Louis’ business done and wind up spending hours wandering around, looking at flowers, shopping, looking at houses, you name it. These days it’s harder for me to get much quality time with the Lou – his kingdom has been overthrown by a tiny dictator, and, well- the squeakiest Critter gets the proverbial grease.

Today my Perfect Husband, recognizing that his not so perfect wife was about to implode without a little personal space, wisely took the two legged Critter to the park, and Louis and I went on a very long walk through the Flats, and picked out some really nice summer gardens to “sniff”. It was beautiful out today – it was just like old times!

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