Meet the Dog Whisperer and Cecelia from Weeds at the PDC next month!

PDC, and as is evidenced by the photo, was quite at home there.

For this reason alone I would encourage you to attend “Patterns for Paws” at the PDC on July 15th – a place so paw – friendly is a very natural place to have a fundraiser for our friends with paws, but there are so many more! As an attendee you also have the bonus of knowing that you are supporting the Amanda Foundation, which is “the only non-profit animal charity in the Los Angeles area to own and operate its own full service Veterinary practice”, and it is located right here in Beverly Hills. I also would go to meet Cesar Millan and Elizabeth Perkins (LOVE her), and their dogs. For the Gleeks they have Dianna Agron! Now I just wonder where I put Louis’ tux…

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