Fashion’s Night out on Rodeo Drive 2010

Behold my favorites at Fashion’s Night Out on Rodeo Drive last weekend. The mood was very festive, and I noticed that the most prevalent trends are: feathers, found objects, crystals, satin, and skinny pants. Oh right, and there was a ferris wheel! Too much fun!

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  1. Design Nomad Says:

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    It was a fabulous night out and I have been rocking my new Chanel Khaki Vert nail polish ever since 🙂

  2. 5 Key Fall Trends: Fashion Night Out in Beverly Hills | Momfluential Media Says:

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    […] Don’t you wish you lived in Beverly Hills? If you did you could park the kids with Daddy (or fine, the Nanny if Daddy wants to come) and head out to Fashion’s Night Out on Rodeo Drive. I’m close enough to pop up now and then and far enough to be jealous of my friend Alexandra Anderson who is the glamorous rockstar behind Beverly Hills Mom.  Alexandra was out and about scouting fall trends. If you want to know the five KEY fashion trends she ID’ed for fall, and all her yummy pix, you’ll have to click through to see her post. […]

  3. Allison Says:

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    Looks like you had an amazing time! I wrote a blog post about Fashion's Night Out in NYC, but wasn't lucky enough to shop there! I love you pics! Here are my key fall fashion trends:

  4. beverlyhillsmom Says:

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    Thanks for those, Allison! I'm thrilled that black is the new black!

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