Chef Angelo & Pepe the Prawn cook it up with Cat Cora in the Muppets Kitchen

The Critter and I were SO excited to go to Disney Studios last week, which, with no traffic, is about a half hour drive from the ‘hood. We headed up to celebrate the launch of two new web series by Disney Online, Muppets Kitchen and Hasty Tasty Cooking. Fellow native Mississippian Cat Cora and Muppets Chef Angelo and Pepe the King Prawn were live, cooking up some healthy treats and dispensing advice about making healthy food for the family and keeping it interesting. Pepe tweeted throughout the demo of making popcorn trail mix and sent all the ladies a rose. It was a really fun event and the Critter played away with the other mom bloggers’ children, all the moms got to visit, and we ate lots of delicious healthy treats.

We also really enjoyed walking through the Disney lot and seeing parts of where dreams are built from scratch. The Critter went crazy for the collections on display of vintage Mickey Mouse while I scrutinized costumes from some of the later films and TV shows. As a little girl I always looked forward to Sunday nights when the Disney movie aired and I knew it was when when Tinkerbell zipped and dipped around Cinderella’s castle – I fully expected her to zip right over our heads.

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