Benefits, Birthdays, Berry, Bash and Boo!

While enjoying the recent trunk show at the Avalon that she produced, I commented to Tammi Jones that being mom and a blogger created an event schedule that I have to manage carefully, so as not to miss one gathering after to the other just like I used to do during WestWeek. It seems that fall always has me running around crazy from one really fun event to the next, but now sometimes I get to bring along my Critter and my Perfect Husband!

The Critter did not attend to Miss Jones’s event, which in part benefitted Step Up Women’s Network It was a serene afternoon respite, cocktails by the pool, and a chance to scrutinize some wonderful custom shoes, handbags, and accessories, as well as meet some fashion design students that are learning to design and produce handbags. It was a very cool vibe and a stark contrast to the cacophony of the Apple Harvest Faire at Beverly Hills High, where I watched said Critter and my Perfect Husband ride the super slide at least seven times, and where I rode the choo choo train with the child at least three times.

The entire family spent the day before as a guest of Momfluential (aka Ciaran Blumenfield) at Culver City Park celebrating the Tenth Anniversary of Razor Scooters, bouncing in the bounce house, playing games and checking out the whole line of Razors. Earlier in the week, the very gracious Momfluential and Hot Moms’ Club (aka Natalie Klein) hosted us in celebrating Strawberry Shortcake’s 30th Birthday at Berry Flash, where we met the birthday girl, checked out brand The Hub Network, the new place online where she and her pals from Twisted Whiskers and Maryoku Yummy hang out. There were so many sweets in pretty pink I was in heaven! We also sampled lemonade provided by Alex’s Lemonade Stand, a wonderful charity supporting children with cancer.

Added to all this frivolity were the Critter’s preschool trip to Mr. Bones’ Pumpkin Patch, his costume day with the class, and the best trick or treating a three year old and his gal pal Daniella could have hoped for. There was so much candy and cuteness, I really can barely stand it. My eyes are watering just thinking about how adorable they were!

I mentioned earlier how hysterical I get with the Halloween costuming. This year the ante was up, as I was the guest of House of An at the first Halloween Bash at AnQi. Joining me were Debra and David, Tammi, Laura and hubby Vernor, and Barrie darling (my date, with the blessing of the Perfect Husband) – we were blown away with the sexy party! In conjunction with Aston Martin, AnQi transformed itself into a fashionable masquerade club, complete with incredible dancers and acrobats on catwalks, light show, DJ Angeline, a chocolate coffin, and chocolate castle, and nonstop tasting of AnQi fare. We all left with the most exquisite chocolates – it was a Halloween bash to rival all others!

This week we are partied out for a while. The sensory overload is getting to us – so much to see, taste, hear, touch, smell, and experience. Add that to my perpetual obsession with Halloween, and well, there was very little sleep for the last two weeks.

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