Building a community with Yvette Nicole Brown

Although I have a monster photo montage to show you of our final month of 2010, I MUST tell you about the afternoon I spent at Paramount Studios with a bunch of mombloggers and the cast of Community. Although I had practically just gotten off the plane from my two week visit to my hometown, I decided this set visit was a must, considering that the hilarious show was about to complete its second season, and it would give me the time to catch up with some of my momblogger friends.

Upon arriving I was thrilled to see Elizabeth Peterson, Barbara Jones, Suzette Valle, Sara Auerswald, Elise Crane Derby, Yvonne Condes, Sugar Jones, and Donna Schwartz Mills waiting at the valet for me so we could all walk together. We followed Barbara and Melissa Armstrong from Sony pictures to the set, and were seated in one of the classrooms on the set that several in our crew recognized immediately.

During the next hour or so we were to watch a bit of taping and meet the cast – two at a time were able to sit by the director and watch the action up close. The rest of us were standing in the back of the sound stage in the dark, staying out of the way of the crew, happily tweeting and facebooking and blogging on our pda’s. We looked like a digital coven, our faces glowing from the light of our mini screens. What I realized at that moment is that mombloggers have a very unique connection. It’s hard to explain to someone who isn’t one of us that it’s a GREAT thing to have a bunch of us standing in the corner on our phones, letting everyone know where we are, what we’re doing, and that there will be photos and video later. So THIS is social media!

After this we went back to the classroom set, sat down and then Ken Jeong burst into the room, followed by John Oliver, Joel McHale, and Alison Brie. Brie was elected spokesperson for telling us about the claymation Christmas episode, and then it got crazy. Suzette, aka Mammarazzi, tells Jeong that she imagines him naked, and then reminds McHale that they met at Comicon and waves a picture of the two of them as he looks really stymied. Jeong reminds us that he’s a doctor enough times that I swear I’ll find him a wife, just in case his wild success as an actor and that he is hilarious isn’t enough. There was a lot more of the laughing and then we were ushered into a private dining room for an intimate lunch with the awesome Yvette Nicole Brown. I sat right next to her and we all got to visit with her just like girlfriends. She is sweet, she is fierce, she can read her own contracts, and she can catch a fly, y’all. The damn thing was buzzing around, annoying us, and she captured him like a ninja! She spoke of responsibility of public people to young people, and why she thinks her character on the show isn’t very Christianlike. Later, as we talked some more about some of her more personal opinions, she said, “I killed the fly – we’re family now!”. And that was sort of the theme for the whole day – getting real. It was truly a memorable day of Community!

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    No need to find a wife for Ken Jeong, as he already has one. Her name is Tran Ho, they've been married for many years and have twin daughters.

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    Oh how funny – he didn't protest when I offered to be his yenta, so I figured he wasn't – thanks for the 411!