BeverlyHillsMom and LLS: WinWinLiving

A few months ago, my dear friend Alfred asked me to be a member on his team as he campaigns for the Man of the Year award with the Leukemia and Lyphoma Society. Alfred and I are friends not only as Los Angelenos, but we also hail from the same home town in Mississippi. Alfred’s very characterful mother Mary died of Leukemia, and I remember being so sad at how such a beautiful, charming and talented person could be stricken – how terrible it must have been for her and her family.

I immediately said yes, that I would help. Around this same time I was approached by a new place on the internet to buy discounted deals on exclusive services, called WinWinLiving to help promote their deals. What puts WinWin above the other deal sites is that they give a portion of THEIR proceeds from the sales of these deals to charity automatically. Eureka! I can promote our “Team Mary” efforts, and my friends can experience some Beverly Hills indulgences for great prices. I can even donate all the earnings of BeverlyHillsMom at WinWin, and double the money that LLS can accumulate – it’s a WinWin deal (sorry for pointing out the obvious).

How it works: Click here. When you click “buy now” to purchase a deal, you’ll see “We give back, you choose to whom”. Team Mary will greatly appreciate your choosing LLS.

If you wish to donate directly to LLS, you can do so here. Please feel free to do so with gusto!

2 Responses to “BeverlyHillsMom and LLS: WinWinLiving”

  1. Alfred Says:

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    Thank you BHM! You are the best!

  2. Ashaa Siewkumar Says:

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    You're the best darling…