Staycation at Montage Beverly Hills

This morning on the way to preschool the Critter says to me “Mom, I wanna see Stacy at Montwage at the hotel”. I thought, “I do too, sweetheart”.

I don’t know what to tell him, because every weekend is not a Montage Beverly Hills weekend. We are now completely spoiled by the pampering we received during our stay last weekend. We checked into our spacious, comfortably appointed room on Saturday morning so that we might try the Montage experience. We would spend two days and one night – the Critter was the guest of the Paintbox Studio, the activities based program for the little ones to enjoy while I took to the sanctuary of the Spa Montage. The weekend, which was originally set to be one of ski widowdom (my perfect Husband was skiing Mt Baldy) was definitely shaping up. I could have a destination weekend and stroll there from my home – no travel, no packing, yay!

After I placed the Critter in the hands of Stacy in the Paintbox Studio, the cutest little library with every kind of craft, activity and silliness you can think of, I went up to the spa. I noticed right away that Stacy is the kid whisperer. Imagine the babysitter/campdirector you always wanted: with enough energy to make children fall in love with/obey her and enough good sense and kid knowhow to make a mom feel secure in taking a break. I don’t think the Critter even noticed I was leaving.

As you know from reading this and this, my interior design career in Beverly Hills started in hotels with the impeccable Darrell Schmitt, whose fabulous work here at the Montage was comforting me with every step towards the Old World mosaic and filtered light of the Spa Montage. When I referred to it as a sanctuary, I wasn’t kidding! Heather, who is probably the nicest, not to mention most knowledgeable aesthetician I’ve met gave me a facial left me feeling much revitalized. I then moved on to my favorite part of any spa – the steam room, which was so fantastically hot it was euphoric. The steam just kept billowing out of a giant clay pot, which I thought was a really nice touch – I was so immersed in the experience I wouldn’t have been surprised if Alladin himself showed up on a flying carpet.

The next twenty four hours were that of relaxing, eating, snoozing, playing, and visiting with my very cool mom friends. I love that I got to get to know LaJolla Mom, PureNaturalDiva, TheGoToMom, Julie of FamilyFinds, and Jenn of ModernMom better. It was so much fun to to chat away with them and discuss getting to know you topics like how we all met their husbands, some of whom joined us the next day poolside for a lovely California Day.

The Critter spent part of the day Sunday with his beloved Stacy and played in the pool to the point that he made no protest when I said it was time to go home. Ten minutes later we were home napping until my Perfect Husband’s plane landed at LAX.

I have to give mention to the wonderful staff who made all the difference: our host Charles Black, and Victorio Gonzalez, both so handsome and hospitable that I felt like I was in a modern version of Aaron Spelling’s Hotel. Jason and Bo who served us poolside at the Conservatory Grill, were amazing handling the needs of a gaggle of women and kids around slippery surfaces. Danielle managed to serve a very respectable high tea in the Library to an all age crowd who kept running to play outside. I also can’t say enough nice things about my new toddler guru Stacy and my skin guru Heather. The Critter and I thank you ever so much, and we miss you already!

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