A Jolly Good Congrats to the Royal Couple

I was feeling very sentimental about Wills getting married. I remember when his mom and dad married and how it was the biggest thing ever. How Diana’s dress and all the trimmings of the wedding started a trend of brides aspiring to the same gentrified standards of that Royal Wedding, and we didn’t see a waistline or cleavage for about six more years. I wondered what this generation of royal would produce in a family of folks who know how to host a theatrical nuptial.

And then I received the invitation and it all came together – Style 2020 was hosting a brunch to view the wedding! I immediately called my favorite ex-patriot now all American Barrie Darling and we also extended the invitation to our own princess Catherine and her handsome prince Casper, who would of course be the most fun people in the world with whom to watch this whole pageant.

It was a fabulous celebration in honor of style, substance and spectacle, as you can plainly see in my photos. A very special thanks to Style 2020 of Newport Beach for transporting us physically, mentally, and visually with their wonderfully festive brunch to commemorate the marriage of the new Royals. I hope Catherine will forgive me for this terrible video of her heartfelt wishes for the couple – try to ignore the bad video and focus on her beautiful words. Here’s to princesses and happily ever after!

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  1. Casper Van Dien Says:

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    We had a great time too. Thanks for the link

  2. catherine oxenberg Says:

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    i loved our trip to the stylish OC!

  3. Freeda Says:

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    Very clean website , thanks for this post.