Reality, Rabbits, Royalty, and Rolls Royces – So much fun to have; so little time!

I have decided that from now on I will take a mulligan on January and February of every year because the whole family including the dog gets sick, then March kicks off a craaaazy schedule for all of us until Memorial Day. Late April through May brings – Easter, the Perfect husband’s birthday, the Critter’s birthday, Mother’s Day and the annual visit from the Grandmother from Missisippi.

You can see that I joyfully embrace any event that causes me to have to dress up, meet interesting people or decorate something. The last two weeks have been jam packed! During this time I have baked and decorated four dozen eggs, four dozen shape cookies, raised money for LLS, attended a fabulous event teaching me how to pack light, had brunch twice, had Easter egg hunt at home, attended one at the Montage, attended the RealityRocks Event, filmed reshoots for a reality pilot, and this weekend is going to be more excitement!

Tomorrow morning after I drop the Critter off at preschool a car is coming to whisk away my friend Tara and I to Newport Beach to have a luxurious champagne brunch and Bulgari showing with my friends Catherine, Casper and Barrie. I am SO excited to hang out with my friends and hear Catherine’s take on the wedding – she’s related to the royal family, so I’ll have the scoop! Stay tuned for some live blogging and tweeting of the fun.

Saturday is the arrival of the Grandmother, then since we have free babysitting, my Perfect Husband and I are going on a date to see fabulous classic cars at the Concours d’Elegance at Greystone Mansion. The luxury event is sponsored by brands that include Tiffany and Company and Mercedes Benz –click here for ticket and more sponsor details – hope to see you there!

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