Announcing – Three new ways for me to overshare!

I am so honored to be asked to contribute to two new sites for women and moms! You may have noticed on Twitter that I wrote posts for GalTime and MomsLA over the weekend, covering Kidstock and L’Enfant Terrible’s Fun Festival of Tragedy. I am really excited to be able to share more of the fun we have on these two entertaining and informative places with other friends that I really like. I also hope that being in more places than one I can continue to meet more wonderful people and make new friends.

I also am thrilled to let y’all know that the glitch that I had on BeverlyHillsMom’s Facebook page has been resolved! Now that I’ve established a secure haven on Facebook I just posted a mountain of photos that only my FB friends can see – all the photos that I love that I didn’t find the right spot to post (or photoshop, wink wink!).

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