If it’s Father’s Day, it’s Concours on Rodeo!

When I became a wife and a mom it terrified me that I would have to come up with something fabulous for the PH every Father’s Day. He’s one of those guys who has everything he wants (well except for a couple of Ferraris), and doesn’t need me to choose his clothes. He likes stuff that I don’t know anything about, and would never buy without ruining a surprise. When I realized that the Rodeo Drive Concours d’Elegance takes place every year on that day we celebrate dads, it gave me peace of mind that I will always have the perfect day planned for him.

The 17th Annual event celebrated “The Art of Italian Motoring” and will featured more than 125 vintage Italian cars on display. The Perfect Husband was able to run up and down Rodeo for hours taking shots of his dream cars while the Critter and I checked out OUR favorite Italian style and design.

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