BeverlyHillsMom’s ChooChooSoul set visit!

When I first saw Choo Choo Soul on Disney Jr I thought “Now that’s baaad!” (in a good way). The music was groovin, and I couldn’t help notice that the conductress and the engineer were totally hip and cool, too. The Critter got up and danced, so I knew videos were a winner. We watch them on TV and on the web; I have these little production gems in my toy box of distractions for the easily distracted.

So of course I wanted to meet Genevieve and DC when I had the opportunity! The Critter and I drove waaaaay out to the Valley to watch them tape their latest video, Zippity Doo Dah. Genevieve Goings and Constantine Abramson ride the rails with soulful style, which makes sense, because that’s how they came together – in a neo soul band called Legato. Check it out on iTunes.

The Critter got to hang around the set with the kids who appear in the video and see how the people are filmed against a green screen. He also got to hang out with Genevieve and DC in DC’s dressing room, where DC had set up his easels so that he could work on his paintings between takes. He is definitely a multitalented guy – his resume includes painter, mascot “Thunder” for the Warriors, and beatbox master. Genevieve’s is also creative and prolific: dancer, R&B singer in addition to soul and jazz, writer and producer. They both are super creative, both consumate entertainers and generous with their talents. It was SO gracious of them to make this priceless personal video for the Critter, and again, thank goodness I like their sound, because I have now heard it about, oh…seven hundred times. Thanks so much!

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