Nothing’s Impossible with the Possibility Shop!

We always have such a great time when the folks from Disney Family and The Jim Henson Company get our blogging families together to introduce us to creative fun for our children. I adore being able to take the Critter to the iconic studios where imaginations are free to roam. We recently spent a delightful afternoon having a mock campout with Courtney Watkins, the creator of Possibility Shop, a wonderful collaboration of Henson and Watkins that can be found on Disney’s Courtney is really my kind of people – she is all about finding ways to say “YES” to your children’s big ideas, and her solutions are so clever! Our adventure that day was the big idea of Courtney’s daughter Mary Charles, obviously a great imaginary mind herself, who wanted to go camping with a campfire, tent and shadow puppets.

Courtney faced the challenge head on with safe and creative ways for an urban mom to emulate the feel (and taste) of a real camping trip without having to load up the truck. Courtney and Mary Charles taught Critter and pals how to cut out shapes to make shadow puppets so they were able to perform their own little puppet show with flaming flashlights, and then after they retreated to the screening room of the historic studio lot to watch Dinosaur Train and eat some mores out of a mason jar. I will definitely be stopping by the Possibility Shop again soon for those days of cabin fever when a real camping trip is out of the question.

3 Responses to “Nothing’s Impossible with the Possibility Shop!”

  1. lizzie Says:

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    What a great idea! Camping in the house is so much fun, I remember doing that when I was growing up by proping up a blanket and getting flashlights so we could make funny figures on the wall of our "tent." Pretty cool!!!

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