Peter Pan returns with Jake and the Neverland Pirates

The Critter and I had a discussion a couple of weeks ago that made me realize that although he has watched Jake and the Neverland Pirates since it premiered, he doesn’t know who Peter Pan is. He challenged me on my opinion that Peter Pan is the boss of Neverland, thinking that Jake is the number one guy. It occured to me that how much fun it is that when I was a little girl I LOVED Peter Pan and Tinkerbell, and now he and I can enjoy a fresh interpretation of the stories.

It was so timely, then, that we were invited to a movie premiere of Jake and the Neverland Pirates, in which Peter Pan appears for the first time! We always enjoy partying with our friends from Disney, and as usual, they created a fun event for our family to see how one of my favorite fairy tales has grown into the cartoon that the Critter watches every day before preschool. Only 5 more days until Peter Pan’s return to Never Land in next week’s primetime special “Jake and the Never Land Pirates: Peter Pan Returns,” premiering Monday, February 13 at 7:00 p.m., ET/PT on Disney Channel. YO-Ho-Ho!!!!

11 Responses to “Peter Pan returns with Jake and the Neverland Pirates”

  1. natalie Says:

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    MY KIDS ARE OBSESSED!!!!! love it !! We set the DVR!!! why do they do it at night? kind of weird for kids at 7:00 pm??

  2. tania luviano Says:

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    My 2 boys are soooooo excited about the show on Monday, they asked me every single day!!

  3. Shannon Colleary Says:

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    I've been trying to get my girls to read the real Peter Pan book (written so engagingly and humorously) and they've displayed NO interest. Whose children are these anyway?

  4. beverlyhillsmom Says:

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    Natalie – We saw the MOVIE, which will air at night, but the regular series will air during the week of February 20 with new episodes of "Jake and the Never Land Pirates" airing daily at 8:30 a.m., ET/PT

  5. Desiree Eaglin Says:

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    That's my 5 year old's favorite show on Disney!

  6. Jamie Says:

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    The boys keep asking when we can watch it again. They are obsessed! So much fun!

  7. ciaran Says:

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    We'll have to check this out. My guy hasn't really clicked with the show yet, but I keep hoping. It seems super cute!

  8. Caryn B Says:

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    Wasn't this fun???? We loved it! My son is STILL talking about how Peter Pan returns LOL!

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