When I LOVE to say “I told you so” – Chris Mann kills it on “The Voice”

Remember my post last year about my “date” with Chris Mann? I sat with four people at Genghis Cohen and he played his heart out for us, even though we were such a small group. I am so happy that I got to know him now, because he is now on the road to superstardom. A HUGE congrats, much fan love, many hugs and kisses to the guy I knew would be a star – you deserve it!

11 Responses to “When I LOVE to say “I told you so” – Chris Mann kills it on “The Voice””

  1. Aracely Says:

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    Watched it last night! HE was FABULOUS!

  2. Mrs. Wonder Says:

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    He seriously rocked it. I LOVE to see classical music performers take the house down like that.

  3. Jennifer Says:

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    I didn't see this episode and (shoulld admit this here?) don't watch the show. But maybe I should, seeing how you "know" him and all. 🙂

  4. Shelby Barone Says:

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    Seriously…LOVE it!

  5. laura Says:

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    hearts….. 🙂

  6. natalie Says:

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    AHHHH he was AMAZING!! love it!

  7. vanessa Says:

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    amazing singer! I need to start watching this!

  8. Caryn B Says:

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    I watched the show for the very first time right after Super Bowl and he just nailed it. He was so incredible! I was rooting/tweeting for him! : )

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