Rosie Pope IS Pregnant in Heels and has Fabulous New West Coast Store

Never have I felt such empathy with a reality show as when I was watching Rosie Pope in Bravo’s Pregnant in Heels. The reality series made her a household name to stylish mommies to be, and I found myself wishing that not only did I wish I had had her fashions and practical advice during my pregnancy, but that I SO felt her pain with regard to all the foibles of dealing with eccentric clients. It was the first show (Million Dollar Decorators hadn’t aired yet) that I saw a reality star really WORK like we have to in the design trade. I recall the season finale showing her dialing her cell while hanging out a Manhattan apartment window, face flushed from all the requisite schlepping in the summer heat, to confirm with her ob-gyn that yes, she was indeed pregnant.

And now, with baby number three’s imminent arrival, Rosie is here on the West Coast! I was really happy to attend the grand opening soiree at her beautiful new store on Montana, the Rodeo Drive of the West LA chic set. Not only was the soiree happening, but the reality series was in full shooting mode! When I first arrived, I found myself a comfy seat on a beautifully upholstered Louis XV setee and took it all in: a conversation between Brooke Burke, Molly Sims, and Rosie, with three full sets of cameras aimed at each of their backs; Alyson Hannigan and Andrea Orbeck chatting with fans and friends, and my pals Jill, Sarah, Laura, and Natalie were there too! As we all mingled about, I really enjoyed chatting with Andrea about my new diet – she was very generous with ideas and advice; and I had a quick and funny chat with Allyson about how much we’ve loved her as Lilly in How I Met Your Mother.

Once the pesky Bravo shoot was out of the way, we were able to spend some time with Rosie. We talked about crazy clients, compared shoes, and I gave her some of our favorite local mom lowdown that she’ll need for Momprep, her boutique baby preparedness consultations. When I asked what was the biggest difference between shooting the first season of Pregnant in Heels and the upcoming second season, she said that the clients are even more eccentric this time around, and that now SO much more is possible, so she is faced daily with arranging priorities that all entrepreneurial moms face – how to get it all done and be present for your babies. We agreed that moms seem to judge one another so much about each others’ choices in that arena – to work or not to work, to nanny or not to nanny, and that today’s moms really need to support each other more rather than criticize.

Considering last week’s insult debacle, it seems the whole country needs to lighten up. And for that we have Rosie.

28 Responses to “Rosie Pope IS Pregnant in Heels and has Fabulous New West Coast Store”

  1. Jennifer Says:

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    What a fun, lighthearted post! Gotta say, though — the last thing I wanted to wear when I was pregnant was heels! To each their own, right?

  2. Jasmine Forte Says:

    Visit Jasmine Forte

    Great post! It amazes how lovely & fresh women look nowadays when they are expecting. With each of my pregnancies I seemed to look worse! Sleep deprived, hungry, swollen, you name it! I lived in anything stretchy and flip flops!

  3. beverlyhillsmom Says:

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    I wore high heels until my baby shower, which was two weeks before my delivery. I did not put them on again for about two months, and wear them much less frequently than prebaby!

  4. Julie (Ginger) Says:

    Visit Julie (Ginger)

    Wow, that sounds like it was an awesome event! LOVE Allyson Hannigan! OMG there is no way I could've worn heels when I was pregnant. I would've totally wiped out! LOL

  5. Jamie Says:

    Visit Jamie

    I love this! I love seeing glowing pregnant women. I was not one of them. Make those ladies stylish Rosie! I won't be me (I'd prefer an lobotomy given the choice of that or pregnancy!) but I'm definitely going to still want to be admiring them!

  6. Jenn Willey Says:

    Visit Jenn Willey

    WOW, looks like an exciting event! HEELS while pregnant, ugh, so not me 🙂 But then again, I wasn't an adorable "little" pregnant lady. LOL I would wear anything an everything comfortable. With two toddlers…heels are still out of the question most days.

  7. tania luviano Says:

    Visit tania luviano

    I wore high heels until the day before i gave birth, made me feel less fat!

  8. Desiree Eaglin Says:

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    I loved that show! I never missed an episode. Yeay for her for baby #3!

  9. adriennevh Says:

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    I have never heard of this show before. Sounds like it is a perfect fit for you!

  10. Caryn B Says:

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    Gone are the days of the frumpy pregnant woman. I would so love to shop there if I was pregnant….I had no idea of the show until now. Great post : )

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