Madame Chocolat + Domaine Carneros = Fabulous decadence

I’ve been writing about how much I love Madame Chocolat since she opened her fabulous factory/atelier. Her latest addition to the scrumptious lineup of chocolate treats? Champagne truffles, made with Domaine Carneros champagne! Barrie and I recently attended the very sweet launch of the fabulous duet and confirmed yet again that we are addicts of Madame.

Made by infusing 43% Belgium milk chocolate ganache truffle with Brut sparkling wine, Domaine Carneros Founding Winemaker and CEO Eileen Crane is SO right in stating “ It makes a simple yet indulgent dessert – if the meal is even necessary.” I for one, could definitely exist on brut and chocolate – who needs food?

P.S. You can order the fabulous pair here

5 Responses to “Madame Chocolat + Domaine Carneros = Fabulous decadence”

  1. Megan Says:

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    I love flowers on chocolate- they make me eat it a little more slowly.

  2. los angelista Says:

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    I think my pants stopped fitting because I was drooling so much. Yum.

  3. tania luviano Says:

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    Champagne truffles!!! what?!!!!!

  4. Caryn B Says:

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    Wow….I LOVE truffles…how have I not heard of this yet? That's b/c I moved to the OC! : )

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